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Zinc Plating with a Blue-Toned Chromate Conversion

Shiny surface with the blue tint. Decorative appearance.

Anti- corrosive protection. Range of application: from the engineering industries to the consumer goods.

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Zinc pleating with yellow chromate conversion

Iridescent surface. Strong corrosion resistance. Range of application : from engineering industries to consumer goods.

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Balck oxidation (Blackening)

A rich black film that is abrasion-resistant. Improves fine and quality characteristics of the product. Anti-corrosion protection. 

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Oxidation – is the process of generating an oxide film on the metal surface to protect the product from the corrosion. Also oxidation can be called blackening or blueing. Еще оксидирование называют чернением или воронением. The treatment is not only the protection, but also the decorative finish of the metal.

The oxide film is characterized by the following parameters:

  1. Parts color – deep black
  2. Surface – polished parts preserve their shiny surface.
  3. Heat treated parts save their hardness.
  4. High level of the anti-corrosion protection.

Oxidation advantages:

  • Decorative treatment of the product that results in a rich black coloring.
  • Cutting tools last longer after the treatment and have better qualities.
  • Oxidation preserves the hardness and the landing sizes of the product details.
  • A thin oxide layer (0.12-0.25 mkm) does not violate the parts dimensions.
  • Paired parts when covered with the oxide film after treatment are protected from cracking, chipping, flaking.

The treatment is suitable for various kinds of steel:

  • carbon,

  • alloy,

  • instrumental,

  • structural,

  • cold-hot rolled,

  • after forging, stamping,

  • for powder metals and cast iron.

For machining our company uses suspensorial and drum sets.

The dimensions of the parts to be processed (length*height*width)   – 1000 mm *300 mm *600 mm.